Recognise Your Customers

Your can recognise your customers at any vantage point in your mall, retail store, airports and create the base for next levels of interaction and value add. Our solution can automatically generate a customer portrait which includes whether he/she is a member, frequent visitor or a new client and also his/her shopping preference. The second application is demographics, such as the visiting distribution, the gender distribution, age distribution, even the mood.

How it works

How it helps

Analytics that reveal status quo on objective metrics for finetuning sales strategy

  • Get detailed reports on conversion rate, demographic distribution, visitor categories and repeat visits for a sinlge store, brand, category or region


Facial Recognition Device

Designed, fabricated grounds up for high accuracy and low latency facial recognition.

  • High speed recognition algorithm(under half a second*)
  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous recognitions
  • High degree accuracy of mood detection
  • 2 million pixels HD camera with 1920X1080 resolution, H.264 Base codec
  • 1-1/30000s shutter speed,unltra low light capture, automatic white balancing and gain control
  • Video frame rate of 25 fps