Inelligent Store Complaince

Our system provides many new ways to inspect your stores. For example ,you can do a video check through our HD 360° High Speed Camera, then find problems and report them. The staff in the store will receive the notification right away and are required to correct them at once. Our app helps you see every detail, the product display, the store sanitary situation, as well as staff service status,.etc. Moreover one special inspection is called Task Check. It will set up an order for the camera, let’s say, taking pictures of the door at 9:00 to see whether the store opens as required. When the time is up, the camera will automatically take a picture and make a report, then our app will notify you to check and generate the report. In short, our intelligent store compliance system upgrades the store management to the higher level.

How it works

How it helps

Comprehensive analysis of paterns that helps build fine grained inventory, sales and operation strategies.

  • Get daily sales and traffic correlation snapshot view for a store, cateogry, region on brand


Intelligent Store Compilance Device

Configurable cameras for automated, unattanded inspection and quality control

  • Two-way Audio/Alarm Input and Output
  • 2 Million pixels
  • 360 Degree-High Speed with Infrared(100m distance )
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Wide Dynamic 4.7-94mm 20 X optical zoom
  • Supports cling roof (without bracket) and embedded/hoisting (with bracket)installation
  • Φ165mm×220 mm