Every shopper is important but some are more valuable.

We help to capture and share that critical insight so your can take the right decision.

Our technology helps to integrate retailers’ key needs to identify all customers, recognize the valuable loyal customers, under their movement in –store and product reactions, provide servicing and customized offerings and supervise complete in-store management real-time from your smartphone.

Key Problems we see in retail

Retail in this competing environment comes with a myriad of problems right from customer understanding to managing internal systems. Decisions making in retail is always “now” and every decision for a customer addition and retention hence need for real time insights and spontaneous decisions. Customization and personalization in large formats is always a challenge and hence the need for business to bring in more for their loyal customer base.

Where we come in

We believe in completeness of solution even if the problems are fragmented. We understand the context and the space laced with our more than 4 decades of retail experience local and global. We customize the solution and move in with ideas and proposals and move out with complete turnkey solutions. It’s a one touch seamless trouble free process.

What we deliver

Through our hardware and software integrated solutions we provide intelligent, self optimizing personalization to an experience that’s fluidly relevant, regardless of where a shopper is in their shopping journey. Managing store systems forms a perfect background to these value added services and with the right technology tool we can service that fully end to end and real time.

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